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How to Apply


G. P. Ambad. has excellent residential facilities to cater the needs of three hundred students, 180 boys and 120 girls. There is one Boys Hostel and one Girls Hostel. Each hostel has water coolers and well equipped mess facilities. It is mandatory for hostel inmates to join the mess in his / her hostel, managed by a committee of students’ representatives as a cooperative mess. All residents have to bear the wages of the mess cooks, servants, helpers and cleaners. The Principal looks after the management of the hostels along with a team of Rector, Warden and account clerk

Admission Process

Admission process of the hostel starts with only confirmation of the admission to the institute. Students will be eligible for admission to the hostel only after confirmed admission to their next class. The admission will be strictly on the basis of merit. For the merit for the first year student, their marks of the 10th or equivalent will be considered. For the merit of the second and third year students, their last year aggregate marks will be considered. Students having year drop/backlogs subjects are not allowed for the admission to the hostel. Admission taken to the hostel will be only for the one academic year, every year a fresh admission process will be conducted. List of the allotted candidates will be displayed on various institute notice boards for every round of allotments.

Rules & Regulations
  1. Students must always carry their Identity Cards with them, especially when they move out of their Hostels.

  2. No student shall disobey any order issued by the Institute, Rector and Warden.

  3. No student shall indulge in any form of ragging of the fresher students, causing mental or physical agony or inflict monetary loss to them, harass them or indulge in any kind of obscenity, vulgarity or violence with them.

  4. Students have no right to deny mess. No outside meal will be allowed after admission to he hostel

  5. Students must not take the law in their own hands but must report any grievance to the student grievance committee of the institute. Indulgence in violence by any student or group of students will render them liable to strict disciplinary action.

  6. No student shall Keep/drive a motor driven vehicle (car, motorcycle, scooter etc.) for commuting inside college campus during his/her stay at college. Also not allowed to park vehicles other than the parking area, if found disciplinary action will be taken.

  7. Students must pay all Mess fees before the stipulated dates. If they do not do so, they render themselves liable to various penalties mentioned in the relevant instructions.

  8. Students must take care of and protect all hostel property. Any damage to hostel property due to improper use or negligence will have to be made good by the students concerned. Students must use the hostel furniture and fittings with due care and must not deface buildings, roads, furniture, fittings etc. in any manner. Not only the cost of the damaged Institute/hostel property will be recovered from the student (s) concerned, but disciplinary action shall also be taken.

  9. The hostel in-time for boys is 08.00 pm and for girls 06.00pm.

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