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The Central Library is established in 2009, since opening of this Institute with Regular Shift  & Minority Shift. Infrastructure is adequate with a total area 5400 Sq.ft, (Reading room area 1720 Sq.ft) which fulfils all the terms and conditions of AICTE. Library is one of the most important Departments in the Institute, because all the Students of various branches and years are directly  connected to the Library as Library Members. The books are also available for all staff. Sufficient books are available for the students of various branches ie. Civil Engineering(CE), Computer  Engineering(CO), Electrical Engineering(EE), Electronics Engineering(EX) Information  Technology(F) and newly started Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AN)I (from Academic year 2022-23).

  There are Two sanctioned posts of Librarian(1-for Regular shift & 1-for Minority shif). Since 01.07.2020 Shri. Mahesh J.Babhulgaonkar(Instructor(TLA), is working as Incharge Librarian in  coordination with Prof.A.D.Kale(LETX).

      Mrs.Akbarbi Pathan (Hamal) is working as Library Attendant

     National as well as International Journals are subscribed so that Institute Staff & Students  may get motivated for Research work. Regular periodicals such as Daily Newspapers are also  available for updating current affairs & general knowledge. We issue 2-books per Student per  Semester till the course completion.

     In addition to the well furnished reading room having ample Tables and Chairs for students.  Arrangement of separate rooms is there for Newspapers reading with Newspaper Stands available  for ease in reading.

     More than 13800 books are available in the Library. Books were purchased from various  grants received from the Government under the heads Book Bank, Social Welfare & Library  Development.

The details of the books available in Library are as follows:

Library Books.jpg
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