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Science & Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities is a multidisciplinary Department meant to develop social understanding and awareness among the students. It aims to impart basics of Engineering among the budding engineers so that they can become professionals with a difference to understand the social realities. To focus on enhancing the confidence of all would be engineers by giving them the pivotal concepts of Chemistry, Physics and mathematics. The department aims to strengthen the accuracy and effectiveness of students by providing them ample exposure in the language of science and technology i.e. English. To make them more conversant, presentable and employable by taking drills in the subject communication skills. Well-experienced and highly qualified faculty members of the department have made consistent and strenuous efforts to the students to improve their learning.The Department is actively involving in the early development of students’ personality, communication and soft skills to boast them in the modern and globally competitive environment. The unique strength of the department is the excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities. The department of Science and Humanities aims to pave the foundation of engineering and human values.

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Dr. M. G. Wankhede, Senior Lecturer in Physics (CAS)

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