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           Workshop department is having new modern designed two-story building with separate space in campus with layout and area as per AICTE norms. This facility of workshop is utilised for first year student of all branches of engineering and to all three years for mechanical engineering discipline.

There are eight different sections are there in the workshop viz. Machine Shop, Carpentry Shop, Fitting Shop, CNC Machine Shop, Plumbing Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Black smithy and Welding Shop. All the sections were fully equipped with required machinery and actual machining centres of CNC Lathe and CNC Milling, conventional Milling, conventional Lathe and modern welding machines.

To provide raw material and purchase required equipment’s for practical’s in the institute there is store situated in the workshop.

          All the practical’s as per the curriculum were conducted in the workshop with proper techniques and safety. Workshop department is under CCTV surveillance. Along with regular practical’s, inhouse production of some useful things like podium  and repairing work of benches are also carried out in the workshop.

Dr. Anant Nemade, Workshop Superintendent 

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